Comic Page Concept?

Comic Page Concept?

Not gonna lie that I bum rushed this at the end due to being very, very sick. At the very least it turned out better than I thought.
This was a practice page done in my comic book illustration class. It was a practice in flows and cool angle.
The…second to last panel isn’t the best, I just couldn’t figure out the perspective I wanted in time. I ended up redoing pretty much everything at the last minute because how I had it before was just so off.
This is a lesson in never half assing anything ever!!! Never ever! Don’t do you! Those few extra minutes will save you soooo much redoing time!
Always use the perspective grid!!


2 thoughts on “Comic Page Concept?

  1. I love the way you switched from birds eye view to worms eye view in this short story. I actually like the second to last panel, because I don’t think any other viewing angling would fit the flow of the story at that moment. I have a question do you plan to finish this drawing and maybe digitized it and color it on Photoshop?

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    • Why thank you so much for the compliment haha. This was one of the more stressful things I’ve done.
      This was a concept I did for my Comic Book illustration class. I will not be finishing it because I’m currently working on another comic that I will have to finish in the end and what is due takes priority! Haha. With future comics I will not be coloring them. Coloring is tricky for me and to set the tone, it takes a rather long time. All my comics will be rendered in black and white!

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