Dietrich and Esmay

Dietrich and Esmay

Prince Dietrich is the heir to the Belrow throne. However he isn’t to thrilled of the fact because he believes his older sister, Esmay is the true heir. Esmay inherited elf like features even though both of their parents are human and and because of those features is the reason why he is so certain she should be Queen.

Esmay is quite and reserved, along with her birth defects of elven appearance she has very bad eye sight and can barely speak.
Ever since her birth she has been shunned by everyone and her parents have done their very best to keep her hidden in fear of some scandal that could come from it.
Dietrich while treated better was never given much attention from his parents as a child and was raised by teachers and his sister.
His love for her has caused him to have a rather bitter disposition towards everyone besides her.

In his younger years he shirked his princely duties because of his belief in his sister. However after her death he becomes very involved and takes his position very seriously in a bitter hope that elves will in the future be seen as human when he becomes king.
After his mutilation despite his intelligence they advisers of the king fight to remove his right as heir from him in replacement of his younger brother. Their excuse is that because of his condition he would be unable to fulfill his role properly.


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