The Proposal


Needs more black!! Black is a scary thing to deal with. The more I added in, the more it just started to kill the mood. Whoopsies.

Other than that I like it!:D All the hard work was worth it! I think !

Their faces are the best part to me. I care so much about expression and one of my pet peeves has to be stagnant faces.

They’re adorable, this couple without a name.


One thought on “The Proposal

  1. Me personally I don’t think you need any more black to these comics. They are fine with the amount of black you have right now because if you add more black out lose out on some of your details. If you want to stay in black and white you can add more grey. Now you could add color to bring out more details if you want to do that. Keep up the good work.

    Check out my comic book:

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