Viridian Lights

Viridian Lights is a two and a half minute, 2D animation short that I am currently working on. The short revolves around the main characters, Sophie and Toby who are very different from each other. So different that they aren’t even the same species. Sophie is a young human girl while Toby is a faun. These children are caught up in their parents war. During a raid on Sophie’s village everyone she has ever known has been killed by fuans, leaving her behind to fend for herself. Toby on the other hand is sent back to the village to make sure no survivors were left behind. He isn’t on board with killing off human-beings and is shocked to find Sophie. It isn’t at all surprising when she denies his help and flees from him. Knowing the dangers she is about to face in the woods, he pursues her. While running away Sophie gets caught in a faun trap and is hurt. Once Toby catches up to her he takes the same pity on her that he had before and uses his healing magic on her to save her life. The short finishes up with Toby leading Sophie away to safety.


Water Coloring Adventure Part Two

It’s funny how quickly a stash of art can go when uploading it two at a time. What a bummer! I need to work on more are more quickly!

The secret to all of these new pieces is that, even though I’m posting them over time as blog posts…they are all already uploaded to my galleries! Teehee! Whoopsies!

Oh how the colors bleed!

I bought a bunch of really small watercolor pads during an After Holiday Sale at Hobby Lobby.  There is just something about a smaller paper size that makes the process of water coloring just a lot less intimidating. Soooo! I started to draw a bunch of little art cards!

These two of Riku from Kingdom Hearts and Kanji from Persona 4 were drawn for a couple of friends of mine. Overall I’m just not used to drawing single character pieces. I’ve done a ton of comic pages in high school and in my Comic Illustration class I did a few, but it was so awkward.

We all have to start somewhere and I start on little art cards!


It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything. Buut, since the last time I posted something, I have decided to make my comic in full color!

I plan to begin Dear Queen in June!