I am a fan of TMNT??

hurt leo

I am a tmnt fan!!
Just to let everyone know that because I’ve never officially drawn a turtle before! So of course the first turtle I draw is Leo! Hurt! Because season 2 finale feels of course!

But don’t worry Leo in about three days I’m sure you’ll be okay (and if not it will blow my mind in a good way?)…(But because I love you)

(But wow I changing up his face long after I started coloring because I still don’t know how to draw turtles! Also pretty sure Leo is the ‘pretty’ one..drawing pretty turtle eehadafd?)


I now have a character page!


Along with finally working on comics again I am also working on cosplay!

Yes cosplay is one of those things that I do! Whoo! I am currently working on Natalia from Tales of the Abyss! And wow has it been a journey into finding out how much my sewing machine can handle! Lace and shiny things are truly my favorite things when I was picking out fabric for this! I even made a petticoat even though she clearly doesn’t have or need one!


Dear Queen has launched!

I must say I started posting pages of this for a while before I updated this.

Sorry, I’ve been having a hard time keeping up with all of my websites after graduation but here I am to make a come back!

First of all I will be posting pages here and in the near future I will be buying by url and attempting to set it up in webcomic format. I say attempting because I’ve never codded anything in my life but, lets see how that goes!

I must say that I’m really pinning for views on INKBLAZERS in an attempt to get a premium membership one day (meaning, making money off of page views >-<). More than likely updates will be there first but I will be posting here!

So here’s the first few pages of the prologue! 

Pages will be cataloged in my “Dear Queen” page.