Dear Queen Page 17 Update!


I updated on time! This calls for a mini celebration for me and the things I’ve managed to do this week ;-;


Raine Redesign

I’m going to be redoing the banner/cover of my comic…again! Well again because I never actually drew Raine out with a character sheet, and now I don’t like how she looks on the cover…terrible, I know, things that feel like they take too much time but saves time.




I got way way waaaay behind because of Thanksgiving and the Black Friday weekend, for that I’m really sorry.

I do have a new page sketched and ready to ink but because of drawing the same characters forever I’ve hit a bit of an art block.

So I decided to quickly sketch out another character from Dear Queen that I’ve actually never drawn before! So um here it is!

The Artificial Spirit Rintin!

I told myself to not write/draw an jrpg but I did.