New Year New Cover!

Dear Queen

With the start of this new cover my New Years goal is to try and update once a week! Which should have always been my goal but once I hit the holidays I allowed myself to fall off of that horse! Well now the holidays are over and I have less hours at Target I no longer have an excuse!

(Or not, I’m still going to try and finish three cosplays this year!)

I drew this cover in the mindset of also making it a banner, it might seem lazy but it feels so efficient.

InkBlazers Demise and Moving to Tapastic

The journal is all in the title. Inkblazers was my major posting site and well…now its just…sorta going to go down now. No real explanation or anything so, everyone on the site had to scramble real quick for a new site aand I guess we all chose Tapastic! I posted my comic there in probably the most unorthodox way but I’d say it works soooo link below!