Dear Queen

Welcome to the World of Dear Queen! A Medieval Fantasy Web Comic that revolves around the world of  Aeridris a world dominated by humans who have and use the world’s elves as mere pets.

One morning the Crown Prince Dietrich smuggles his older sister, Essmay outside of the castle. His sister, unlike him features an elf like appearance  and is normally hidden away from the world. While they are out playing on Isina Hill they are suddenly attacked by hideous decaying beasts. Essmay is killed and Dietrich is horrifically disfigured.

The King grieving and outraged calls back all of his guards and knights around the country to create an army. Small town guard Adrian is called back as well and is no longer capable of taking care of his younger sister Raine. Before he goes off to the capital he leaves his sister with their cousins and Uncle who is the lord of Catsgot.




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