InkBlazers Demise and Moving to Tapastic

The journal is all in the title. Inkblazers was my major posting site and well…now its just…sorta going to go down now. No real explanation or anything so, everyone on the site had to scramble real quick for a new site aand I guess we all chose Tapastic! I posted my comic there in probably the most unorthodox way but I’d say it works soooo link below!




I got way way waaaay behind because of Thanksgiving and the Black Friday weekend, for that I’m really sorry.

I do have a new page sketched and ready to ink but because of drawing the same characters forever I’ve hit a bit of an art block.

So I decided to quickly sketch out another character from Dear Queen that I’ve actually never drawn before! So um here it is!

The Artificial Spirit Rintin!

I told myself to not write/draw an jrpg but I did.