Super huge finally updating WordPress update!

I have been working on pages all this time, but with all the managing of my other websites this one seems to have fallen to the way side. HOWEVER, I still have been making comic pages and such so, here they are!


The Proposal


Needs more black!! Black is a scary thing to deal with. The more I added in, the more it just started to kill the mood. Whoopsies.

Other than that I like it!:D All the hard work was worth it! I think !

Their faces are the best part to me. I care so much about expression and one of my pet peeves has to be stagnant faces.

They’re adorable, this couple without a name.

The Proposal

WIP of my comic The Proposal!

This is a very basic story of a man proposing to his girlfriend while she is working.

The point of this comic mostly has to do with the practice of perspective and layout. If you can tell what is going on just from these roughs then I’ve succeeded!

Comic Page Concept?

Comic Page Concept?

Not gonna lie that I bum rushed this at the end due to being very, very sick. At the very least it turned out better than I thought.
This was a practice page done in my comic book illustration class. It was a practice in flows and cool angle.
The…second to last panel isn’t the best, I just couldn’t figure out the perspective I wanted in time. I ended up redoing pretty much everything at the last minute because how I had it before was just so off.
This is a lesson in never half assing anything ever!!! Never ever! Don’t do you! Those few extra minutes will save you soooo much redoing time!
Always use the perspective grid!!