Well hello there! My name is Christa and I am a Fantasy Comic Artist! (To Be!) My main focus in life has been and will always be my  fantasy epic by the name of “Dear Queen”. In the way, way past before I even knew it was possible for me to be decent at art I was always writing fantasy stories.  I always wanted to get my ideas out there and in fiction writing I found my only praise.  Around middle school I discovered that which is known as Anime.  Think what you want about the style but it is what motivated me to start drawing. My oldest comics date back to middle school and are actually variations of my current comic “Dear Queen”.

I like to think I’ve adapted this anime Disneyesque style? I enjoy the bright colors and expressions that come from characters with large expressive faces.  Subtle is possible for even the most extreme of emotions these types of characters are known for but I may or may not throw in a few ‘anime’ faces once in a while. :3

As a soon to be graduate from the Columbus College of Art and Design with a BFA in Animation I did a huge about face and dove straight into comics. Currently I am taking a couple of comic book classes and my love for the medium has been completely rekindled.  No surprise there, I was actually accepted to this school through a printed comic book I made in high school. While “Beware of Fangirls” might not be something I want to hand around nowadays it still managed to bring in 50K!

While I do enjoy the occasional Marvel Comic and a manga my main focus is in the Web Comic.  I find nothing more enjoyable than seeing someone so dedicated to their art and story that they put the time and effort to create beautiful works of art for free. It may not be much but I am a  paying supporter to Mangamagazine.net which is a site dedicated to the pursuit to paying their artists. All serious Web Comic artists deserved to be paid for the passions.

So here I am now, getting ready to dive into the ‘free’ art form dedicated to the pursuit of telling a story!

I hope you guys enjoy!!

~ The Snuggle Pug

If you have any questions within reason please shoot me a message and if you are interested in working with me click below for my resume!



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