Kratos’ new Costume

Kratos' new Costume

Trying to make this during Finals was just not a good idea. Haha. Just looking at this and thinking about finishing this just burns my insides. Oh well, no reason to not post it. I did spend a good deal of Finals hours on it.

I did this all completely in photoshop, which means it took a whole lot longer to do than if I did it in MangaStudio. Which I can easily say I prefer.

Oh well. What a nice practice with the most anime hair I’ve ever drawn. I’ll give Kratos another chance in the future, being my favorite and all. I’ll learn to color by then.

I also managed to give him such a baby face. Not sure how?? Man chins do not solve everything!


The Proposal


Needs more black!! Black is a scary thing to deal with. The more I added in, the more it just started to kill the mood. Whoopsies.

Other than that I like it!:D All the hard work was worth it! I think !

Their faces are the best part to me. I care so much about expression and one of my pet peeves has to be stagnant faces.

They’re adorable, this couple without a name.