Natalia Cosplay Update!

So I haven’t mentioned cosplay in a while but now since the convention is coming up…why not take a couple of pictures of how I am not done!

She is almost done though!

All I have to do is finish the collar and slap it on!


Dear Queen Page 17 Update!


I updated on time! This calls for a mini celebration for me and the things I’ve managed to do this week ;-;

New Year New Cover!

Dear Queen

With the start of this new cover my New Years goal is to try and update once a week! Which should have always been my goal but once I hit the holidays I allowed myself to fall off of that horse! Well now the holidays are over and I have less hours at Target I no longer have an excuse!

(Or not, I’m still going to try and finish three cosplays this year!)

I drew this cover in the mindset of also making it a banner, it might seem lazy but it feels so efficient.